Cloud accounting

Because your data is stored in the cloud, it’s available to you whenever you need it 24/7. It is also backed up at regular intervals; saving you both the worry and hassle of making your own accounting software back-ups.

Cloud accounting with Benson Wood + Co offers:

Access to your financial records from anywhere with internet access

No upfront costs – you pay a low monthly subscription instead

No software updates to worry about

Information is directly imported from bank transactions, reducing the amount of time you spend on data entry and reconciliations

Real time information on cash flow

Flexible records enable you to extract the most useful management information

You can also allow us access to your accounts, so that we can keep your records under review or view them at the same time if you have a query or problem.

Additional business savings through the Cloud

At Benson, Wood & Co, we’re proud to be partnering with Reducer to deliver accurate and personalised cost savings through their Connected Purchasing platform.

With energy prices rising at rapid rates, securing a contract that is right for you is more important now than ever.

In just a few clicks, Reducer connects to your cloud accounting platform to compare costs and secure savings across eight key areas. Reducer then handles any switches you choose to take so that you can continue powering your business elsewhere.