CPA Group began as a service company predominantly selling the compressed air provision within the industry. Over time, through customer service, it expanded to provide a number of other services, leading to controlled air products. The company’s commitment to customer service and innovation has led to its growth and diversification. More about the company can be found on their website here.

CPA Group started working with Benson Wood 20 years ago. “I was looking for an accountant I could trust to give me advice and straight answers,” Alan Collin, CEO of CPA Group, recalls. “Having been close friends and neighbours with John Moffat, I knew I would get a high level of support from John and Benson Wood.”

“Benson Wood’s role in CPA Group’s operations is comprehensive. They verify our books, manage our payroll, and provide financial advice,” Alan shares. “They prepare our accounts, provide tax compliance, tax consultancy, and tax planning services, along with bespoke business advice. They also manage the payroll services for our 60-strong workforce.”

One of the most significant contributions of Benson Wood to date has been its tax project consultancy work. “They advised us on how to best mitigate company and personal tax liabilities given the significant changes in tax legislation for companies and individuals,” Alan adds.

When asked about the trust he puts in Benson Wood, Alan elaborates: “Benson Wood carried out extensive due diligence work for us when we were considering the acquisition of another company. They investigated the finances and accounts of the company and advised on the worth of the business. This gave us the comfort that we were getting full value for what we paid.”

Alan highly recommends Benson Wood to other businesses. “Their work is thoroughly professional, and their employees have integrity. I trust their business and employees because I know they share CPA Group’s values,” he says.

“The relationship between CPA Group and Benson Wood is set to evolve as we grow,” Alan anticipates. “We plan to use them more for outsourcing of financial requirements. Both businesses are on a similar path in terms of growth, and as CPA Group grows, Benson Wood is growing too, able to provide enhanced services to the benefit of both businesses going forward.”

The partnership between CPA Group and Benson Wood is a testament to the power of trust and the value of professional integrity. Benson Wood has been an integral part of our operations,” says Alan. “Our trust in them has been well placed and it has enabled us to continue our successful business procedures.”

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