• John Moffat
    John Moffat
    CEO - BA CA
  • Bob Douglas
    Bob Douglas
    Manager - FCCA
  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson
  • Yvonne Moffat
    Yvonne Moffat
    Payroll Manager
  • Yvonne Harper
    Yvonne Harper
    Payroll Senior – Assoc. CIPD
  • Chelsea Sirrell
    Chelsea Sirrell
  • Jacqueline Walmsley
    Jacqueline Walmsley
    Manager - B.Acc (Hons), ACCA
  • Laura Duffy
    Laura Duffy
    Accounts Senior - BAcc (Hons)
  • Gill Wood
    Gill Wood
  • Nicole Gordon
    Nicole Gordon
  • Bethany Macfarlane
    Bethany Macfarlane
    Accounts Assistant - BAcc (Hons)
  • Carla Hudson
    Carla Hudson
    Accounts Assistant – BAcc (Hons)
  • Laura Moffat
    Laura Moffat
    Accounts Assistant
  • Rebecca Pearson
    Rebecca Pearson
    Accounts Assistant

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