Established in 2008 and headquartered in Aberdeen, Drillmar Resources is a market leader in the provision of recruitment and people-oriented solutions to the global energy industry.  

In 2022, Drillmar Resources began its partnership with Benson Wood, a reputable accountancy firm. Drillmar’s Managing Director and co-founder, Raymond Bruce reveals: “We were introduced to Benson Wood through a personal recommendation. 

They now have a versatile involvement in our operations – handling our monthly management accounts, ensuring that the financial data is accurate, timely, and transparent.” explains Raymond, “Additionally, they have provided assistance in our business financial forecasting, a critical aspect of our strategic planning and decision-making.” 

According to Raymond, the most significant contribution of Benson Wood to date has been its ability to provide clear, accurate, and timely financial data. “This clarity enables us to make informed business decisions, manage resources effectively, and plan for the future. 

Raymond would highly recommend Benson Wood to other businesses: “Their focused approach and strong customer service work ethic are standout qualities.” he asserts. 

The relationship between Drillmar Resources Limited and Benson Wood is set to continue to develop. The trust, mutual respect, and shared commitment to excellence that underpin this partnership are the foundations for its growth. 

The partnership between Drillmar Resources Limited and Benson Wood is a testament to the power of clarity in financial data and the value of a strong customer service ethic demonstrating how the right accountancy firm can provide not just numbers, but valuable insights that drive business growth and success. 

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