When Ernie Rea set up Vantage Windows & Doors back in 2011, he took his time to find a firm of accountants that were the right fit for his business.

“I met with several firms but there was something about Benson Wood – I just felt a personal connection with them straight away. I thought, ‘these are people I can work with!’

“My business took off pretty much from year one and has grown rapidly. As I’ve needed more complex help and advice, Benson Wood has more than kept pace with my requirements.

“Initially there was only me on the payroll as the majority of the work was outsourced to sub-contractors but as we took on staff the payroll became more complex. So, in addition to dealing with my year ends and VAT returns, BW also gradually took over my payroll requirements.

“Today, I still have a number of self-employed fitters and surveyors – some are VAT-registered and others aren’t which makes dealing with invoicing and payments fairly complex.

“Thankfully, Jacqueline and the team at BW take it all in their stride. With the DEXT system, I just scan in all my receipts and invoices as I receive them and BW make all the VAT calculations for the business on my behalf.”

In addition to dealing with Vantage’s accounting needs, Ernie now uses BW’s services for his buy-to-let property portfolio, ensuring his tax returns are submitted on time and also relies upon them to advise on personal tax matters.

Ernie continued: “I’ve been particularly impressed by BW because they have the necessary infrastructure in place to offer additional support as my business has grown. They are small enough to care but they are not a one man band and, importantly, there is always someone available to offer advice or answer a query.

“Their response times are first-rate – if I send an email, I know I’ll always get a call back by the end of the day. It’s that kind of certainty that I really appreciate.”

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