Fundraising kicks for our new charity of the year – Scottish Huntington’s Association

Our team are getting their dancing shoes laced up as we begin our latest year of fundraising for the Scottish Huntington’s Association.

To get the year off to a flying start we are proud to announce that we will be the main sponsor of ‘Dance 100’ in Glasgow on 14 May.

This challenge in George Square, Glasgow will see thousands of people dance for 100 songs back-to-back to raise awareness and money for this important charity.

Check-in opens at 11.30am and registration is only £5 so I would encourage more of you to come and join us.

Find out more about the big day by clicking here.

Why we are supporting Scottish Huntington’s Association

We have partnered with Scottish Huntington’s Association, an incredible charity that is dedicated to supporting families living with the devastating condition, Huntington’s disease.

This partnership was inspired by Gillian McNab, trustee of the charity and friend to Benson Wood & Co.

You can read her touching story about her story here.

Specialised services are crucial for individuals affected by Huntington’s disease due to the complex and severe symptoms, as well as the impact on families and the lack of awareness surrounding this devastating condition.

The Scottish Huntington’s Association is committed to reaching every family affected by Huntington’s through their team of Huntington’s Disease Specialists, Financial Wellbeing Officers, and Specialist Youth Advisors.

Proud to support great causes

We have a long history of supporting several local charities, and while Scottish Huntington’s Association is our main focus, we will continue to provide support to other causes.

In fact, on 6 May our team will be taking part in the St Andrew’s Hospice It’s A Knockout competition.

We are a long-time supporter of this local charity and can’t wait to support this great annual event taking place in Strathclyde Country Park.

This event sees teams of 10 work together to complete a series of fun games and tasks, all while raising money for this specialist palliative care service.